Date: 20/01/2023

By: RyanJound

Subject: Hallo, write about your the prices

Xin chào, tôi muốn biết giá của bạn.

Date: 13/01/2023

By: RoyJound

Subject: Hallo, i am write about your price

Hi, მინდოდა ვიცოდე თქვენი ფასი.

Date: 10/01/2023

By: CharlesJound

Subject: Hello wrote about your price

Salut, ech wollt Äre Präis wëssen.

Date: 07/01/2023

By: PeterJound

Subject: Hello, i am write about your price for reseller

Zdravo, htio sam znati vašu cijenu.

Date: 06/01/2023

By: AustinJound

Subject: Hi, wrote about your the prices

Hai, saya ingin tahu harga Anda.

Date: 03/01/2023

By: JuanJound

Subject: Hallo i am write about the prices

Kaixo, zure prezioa jakin nahi nuen.

Date: 27/12/2022

By: JacobJound

Subject: Hallo, i am writing about prices

Hola, volia saber el seu preu.

Date: 20/12/2022

By: JamesJound

Subject: Hello, write about your the prices

Hi, I wanted to know your price.

Date: 20/12/2022

By: RobertJound

Subject: Hello, write about price for reseller

Ndewo, achọrọ m ịmara ọnụahịa gị.

Date: 17/12/2022

By: EthanJound

Subject: Hello i am wrote about price

Ciao, volevo sapere il tuo prezzo.

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