We help, thanks to donations, various individuals and organizations in Romania, so that they can buy food for the strays, provide the necessary medical care and provide shelter for the strays. Currently we have projects running in Bacău, Braşov and Moreni, Romania. In addition, we support various sterilization and castration campaigns under the guise: "Spaying is the answer". 


In Bacău we support the Romanian foundation Fundatia '' Ia-ti acasa un prieten ''. This Romanian foundation has about 200 dogs and many puppies in her private shelter, all available for adoption. We help the foundation with funds so that food, medicine and other care can be provided. 



Since September 2015 we support the shelter of Emilia Gheorghe in Braşov: Thea's Furry Friends Sanctuary. In 2018 the name has been changed to ODD Animal Rescue and is especially meant for the most forgotten and "sad" dogs.


In Moreni we support the private shelter Happy Dogs Moreni where about 180 dogs stay.

Happy Dogs Garden from Anca and Happy Paws dog sanctuary from Anda are part of Happy Dogs Moreni at various locations in Moreni. These locations are mainly meant as the last shelter for the dogs, which have been adopted and made ready for the trip or for the dogs, who need special care and attention.

In addition to the above-mentioned shelter and the locations has mrs. Bunu also our special attention. She is 82 years old, living in Moreni and lives on a small pension (€ 100, - per month). She has the care for about 25 dogs.


Also mrs. Mincu had our special attention. She lived alone and without family in Moreni, she also lived on a small pension and had the care for about 10 dogs. On 5 April 2015 she died due to cancer

"Spaying is the answer"

As a foundation, we help to sterilize and neuter dogs and cats to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens.