07/12/2014 11:36
This is Oscar, a male of about 3 years old. He has experienced the worst in humanity: he was sexually abused by an older man in a park in Moreni, Romania. Oscar was in bad shape when he was found. He was not able to stand and he smelled terrible. The local vet has stabilized him, after which he went to the clinic in Ploiesti, Romania. There, they made bloodtests and an ultrasound. Also, he receveived a well deserved bath. 
According to the vet in Ploiesti, Oscar smelled terrible because he pooped on himself. Although he was wounded in the genitals, it is expected that Oscar will recover, at least physically. In the clinic, he currently receives intravenous fluids and intensive treatment to recover. He has a lot of pain when urinating, but will also be treated for it.
Preliminary Oscar stays in the clinic, also because of the cold weather outside and there is no suitable foster home for him. The cost of the vet is € 120, -. The costs for the care, feeding and treatment are € 30, - / € 35, - per day.
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