Bacău is a city in Romania and the capital of the district of the same name. The city lies on the Bistriţa at the foot of the Eastern Carpathians. In 2011, Bacău had 133,460 inhabitants.

Our projects in Bacău

Fundatia ''Ia-ti acasa un prieten''

In Bacău we support the Romanian foundation Fundatia '' Ia-ti acasa un prieten ''. This Romanian foundation has about 200 dogs and many puppies in her private shelter, all available for adoption. We help the foundation with funds so that food, medicine and other care can be provided.

Spaying is the answer - Bacău

Sterilizing is the answer, also in Bacău! The solution to reduce the number of stray animals is castration and sterilization. We support local sterilization and castration programs.